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18 februari 2019
Kris i Haiti!

Matkris, tomma butikshyllor, våldsamma protester och hundratals skadade. Så ser läget ut i krisens Haiti, där Hoppets Stjärnas skolor i dagsläget tvingas hålla stängt. I rapporten här nedanför berättar våra eldsjälar på plats mer om situationen.
Update 2.15.2019 new video shows even larger angry crowds, what about the children?

All communication is delayed, so we just now learned about this evolving disaster. Yes, it is Haiti again.
Our Haiti manager, Tony Bursiquiot, reports civil unrest is worsening and every day in the streets all over Haiti, people are demanding the president resign due to bad management of the country.
For two days violent street demonstrations paralyze social and economic activities. All main roads in the capital, Port Au Prince, as well as main roads to other cities and towns, are blocked and there is no passage.
Star of Hope Kris i Haiti! HaitiFEB2019
“Business, schools, and offices stay closed for 2 days already, yesterday and today. The population protest in the street to block all activities until the president, Jovenel Moise, dismisses and leaves office. This is a chaotic situation in Haiti today. I will keep you posted on whether the situation gets worse or better.”
Today is the 5th day of riots and street demonstrations in Haiti to force the president to step down because of corruption. Now, the high cost of living, high rate of inflation, depreciation of currency to the dollar, etc…. makes things even more difficult than it already was. All roads are still blocked, no traffic, no business, no schools. Millions of people are on the street every day. Food shortages and prices are double. The majority plan to occupy and block all roads until the president decides to resign.
“…protestors and criminals loot grocery stores, banks, set fire on gas stations and homes. Many people are wounded and killed by police intervention. It is terrible!” -Tony
Dear friends, the population of Haiti is starving! They are getting furious about not being able to afford to buy food in the markets because the cost of goods has become too expensive. The majority of the population is starving.
Star of Hope Kris i Haiti! PHOTO 2019 02 13 13 56 21
“After 7 days of street demonstration groceries shelves are empty.” -Tony
-End of message-

Brothers and sisters, the horrors and hardships in Haiti at times defy understanding. We will not address the cause here and now, however, the effects are hard and as usual, children suffer the most
We are responsible for helping more than 3500 children who are scared and full of questions with no answers. We help them every day get a better head start and to learn about Christ but we can not explain why there is no food!
Star of Hope is not able to handle this price gouging and extreme high costs, we need a hand up, this time we ask for a donation for food and support.
We need to spread out love over those children now, please help with whatever you can so we can get emergency funds down to Haiti so food can be purchased for the Star of Hope kids!


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